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I have spent the last 4 years designing websites and digital experiences with the user at the forefront of my design decisions.

Heading up the user experience team at an international marketing agency has given me the foundation to understand business goals, user needs and operational barriers within design.

I’m a bright, confident and open person, willing to challenge others and help lead a team to gain positive results. I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Multimedia from Nottingham Trent University and I have a strong eye for good visual design too.

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Industries I've worked with.

Having worked with global brands and household names, I’ve helped them to improve their digital experiences across the world in many different territories, for example the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Brand names have been removed to protect client confidentiality.

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Case study:

Fast Food

Fast Food Delivery:

A global redesign project.

I’ve worked with a recognised fast food chain and their global teams for 4 years developing different iterations of their websites.

They asked us to see how we could increase their conversion rates, designing from a mobile first perspective. To do this, we analysed their analytics data, sent out surveys to consumers, and conducted competitor analysis and heuristic reviews of their websites to understand the market and their website’s current performance.

We drew up paper prototypes to share with the client and then used Axure to move these paper prototypes into a digital prototype to facilitate our user research. We conducted our user testing remotely across the world.

To help our client, we produced a set of high fidelity visuals to assist their markets with building out their websites. Shortly after the launch of the first website we designed, they started to see a huge increase in their conversion rates.

My core skills.

Originally I was trained in front end web design and have 9 years experience coding websites in mostly HTML and CSS. This has given me a huge advantage moving in to user experience design as I have a solid understanding of how websites work, their limitations and how to design for these constraints.

User experience and visual design are my strengths as I am able to visually see what looks great, and understand how users interact with digital media.

User experience.

Heuristic reviews

Competitor analysis

Information architecture

Paper & digital prototyping

Multivariate and A/B testing

Local and international testing

‘Simple mind’ approach

Content hierarchy

Visual design.

Website design

App design

Email design

Device considerate approach

Interface design

Responsive website build

Responsive email build

Eye for detail








Survey Monkey

MS Office

Case study:

Cinema Tickets

Cinema Tickets:

UX for ticket redemption.

A wholesale chocolate brand came to us to redesign their promotional website which gives free cinema tickets to their consumers.

To kick-start the project, research was done in to the demographics of the users who would be using the site, how they access the site and how they redeem their free cinema tickets. Our user research gave us a solid foundation for us to mock-up a digital prototype in Axure for testing.

We worked with the client and their associated agencies to ensure we were taking in to consideration their requests, as well as making the site easy to use for their customers.

After successful testing, we produced a suite of high fidelity visuals to help our client build the new site as we designed it. When the campaign ended, they were delighted with the work we’d done and the call centres were no longer receiving complaints about the website.


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